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  1. Thank you Igor! I appreciate that a lot. (But I guess we also can speak german together Anyway... showing something. The most work is running client work, so I´m not really allowed to show it. But this test rendering is from a private short movie project I´m working on from time to time. It´s far away from beeing perfect, but I switched to RS last month to improve my render speed. I have really much to learn in the next time to get satifiyng results. especially lighting & reflection.
  2. Hey Folks! I just wanted to leave a quick hello. After mostly hanging around in german speaking cinema communities, I randomly found this one. This seams to be a huge improvement of finding answers to my "no one ever had this problems before" questions. About me: I live in the tiny country of Liechtenstein (pop. around 38k). The last seven years I was working as an art director for a b2b design company. But I had to break out, because this was not the way I wanted to work any longer. So I decided to become a freelance designer. This was six month ago an
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