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  1. Thanks a lot! Yeah anything with an RTX 2070+ is going to be really expensive. If you're tossing up a desktop PC vs a high powered laptop I think there are some use cases where a laptop might be preferable ie - University student who moves about a lot and needs performance on the go. The ability to utilize a university render farm as well makes that quite appealing. Otherwise i'm with you 100%, I'll never do work on the couch, only at a desk or table with a mouse. Even with no external screen it's not the best ergonomically.
  2. I'm new to cinema4D and couldn't find any information about the experience of learning Cinema4D on a laptop, and what kind of implications this would have on my development experience. I spent a few months learning cinema on a macbook pro, followed by an HP open (top of the line RTX 2080 models) then a desktop. Summarized the experience in this video and happy to field any questions in the thread
  3. Hi friends! So i've run into a road block - the sound effector decay is just not working on render. In the viewport it's working perfectly but as soon as you render the decay seems to have no effect. Any solutions to this? The only thing I could find was this thread from two years ago with no resolution. Many thanks and can upload my scene file if need be (Super slow internet here so will just take a while)
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