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  1. Hello, I have a scene, which close to being set up, before adding material and textures. I have keyframed an enable/ disable of the rigid body and disable/enable of the voronoi fracture, from 0 to 60. Upon hitting keyframe 60, the animation pauses for the slightest moment and then continues. I am looking to get this smoothed out, so there is no pause/ freeze. Scene has been attached. P.S. any tips on improving the scene is welcome. (scene also may be adjusted in terms of shape and size. circular glass fall.c4d
  2. than for all the help, turned out to be the bump noise of the water material, once I switched it off, the triangulation went away. I don't have infinite water, so I am making an ocean like surface, which has been achieved
  3. Ps how do I upload a scene on this website, if the file is too big.
  4. I have tweeked a few things but nothing seems to change the outcome, unless it's the actual surface model I am using as water.
  5. For now, I decided to not put the glass close the grass ( it does go through, however the grass does interact with the glass as a solid, but I can still see it come through on the render image.) I can still get a decent render, it still fits my needs . Maybe I will play around with the program more to figure it all out.
  6. So I have a piece of solid glass with a rain bump map on there, which is fine, and I have used hair modelling as grass. the grass is going through the glass, which is highly unrealistic. what can be done to have that the grass is pushed/leaning against a solid object? the scene setup is just temporary, render the scene, and you will see grass, coming out from the glass. new scene 1.c4d
  7. I did eventually find the option, "collapse" when right clicking on the polygons. unfortunately I no longer have the file in that condition anymore.
  8. Hey, could someone help me on fixing this polygon scarring on my model? i cannot iron or smooth out the area. If I delete the area and automatically close the open area, it doesn't match or coordinate with the chosen material.
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