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  1. What if I scaled down all the objects in the scene to extremely small sizes then zoomed them, Does this effect render time? Will it make render faster when compared rendering in its original size.
  2. @bezo Unbreak Phong Shading didn't work but Selecting the edges and optimize button worked perfectly,thanks. Btw what does the optimize button do anyway?
  3. These two are the only tabs available in Phong tag after converting the object. And there is no normal tag button.
  4. Both before and after converting the object have the Phong Tag already, only normal tag is missing in after object.
  5. same thing happens when i export models to mixamo and download it as fbx,it loses its normal tag too. Is there any way I can manually add a normal tag after converting.
  6. Whenever I export an object imported initially as obj to fbx in Cinema 4D the object loses its Normal Tag and resultant fbx object appears pixelated as shown in the screenshot. How can I fix that?
  7. Should I download Content Libraries- Materials or any other updates. Which is the best one and what special features do I get from each of those update.
  8. i did the same, still the head streches
  9. some screens, Here 1 is head, and 2 is hand
  10. I am trying to pickup an object using Constraint tag on object 1 by parenting it to object 2. So that when 2 moves,1 also moves. But In this case 1 is not moving but stretching itself.
  11. I added a constraint tag to object 1's neck and parented it to object 1's hand. Now when object 2's arm moves the neck stretches instead of the whole body being moved.
  12. I am making a short animated fight around 4 min long. Currently I am doing all the animation step by step in a single timeline one after another. Or is there any other method to make long animations by breaking it into parts or something?
  13. I have attached the scene file. In this sample scene, I first rotate an object up to Frame 15 then added a Move upward motion at Frame 20. So when I play the animation both rotation and moving upward starts from 0th Frame. I know I can drag upward motion in the animation timeline to fix this. But is there any default mode to do that so that the object first rotates then move upward instead of doing both together because it becomes difficult when you have a rigged model with lots of parts test.c4d
  14. This is what I do to repeat but so much lag
  15. Hey, So I want a animation to repeat itself. To do that I added a Motion System Tag to that object then Opened TL (Timeline) the just dragged the animation again to repeat itself. However, when I play the animation in preview the Frame-rates drops, after that animation is over Frame-rates gets back to normal. Render works just fine but it becomes too laggy during preview. Is there any other way to repeat an animation OR how to fix that lag?
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