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    Much appreciated !!
  2. Hello It has been a while and i wanted to share my most recent creation. I call this Slums 2092- I edited the E30 BMW with custom Body kit and then added suitable environment and character
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    3D renders - Learning path

    So. Almost 3 weeks in to the C4D and yeah trying to keep my work versatile, I wanted to create something simple yet with some sort of an tough. Here will be all my renders ( if i remember to upload here ) so you can see my learning curve !
  4. Yeah i get what you mean i render stills and average is from 25min -2 hours Majority of the usage happens when i create stuff when rendering kicks in the usage is fairly normal i got another set of 32GB sticks coming next week so there is deffo plenty of ram . CPU should be able to handle to as i got Ryzen9 I guess only thing to do is test
  5. I have checked my daring when i render My Ryzen9 is at 17% +- 5 % i mainly render stills Thanks. Will nag my friend 2070 for a trial run
  6. Hey sorry if i didn't made myself clear I already got 2080S all i want to know is it worth to set that 2080 as dedicated card for octane and istall the mentioned 1080TI for gaming so when ever i render octane is using it's own card for that
  7. Ideally i want additional card so i can play games while render is in progress. so Octane would use 2080S my feed and other things i do would be out trough 2nd card probably then 2070S. main question is what would be best setup for this. as i know Andrei Lebow has 4 or 3 2070 and 1 separate for gaming or what ever he does on spare time
  8. So i have a dilemma I got a decent board that allows me to to host 2 GPUS I got 2080S and was wondering. Should i get 1080TI as my card for Gaming etc and leave 2080 in High priority for octane ? does anyone has some sort of similar setup ? In case anyone asks i also got 32 GB ram ( will get another pair so in total i have 64) I got 850W Super flower PSU ( obviously will need to get 1000W if i upgrade )
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    Ha ha . Well well have our odd ideas
  10. Nice Setup I got almost the same I am running R9 3900X Stock Prims Cooler X570 Pro Mobo from Asus 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz on Two lanes so 2x 16 GB RTX 2080 Super ( However i want to add another GPU like 1080TI for gaming so i don't lose productivity ) 2TB SSHD Barracuda 1TB M2 Corsair PSU SuperFlower 850W Now i am wondering shall i chunk another 2 lanes of 32 GB or no. Sometimes when i model it hits like 59% utilisation on ram
  11. It's okay I am working around as i am using ZBrush I Chop up with raw brush the skull and when i export i use 2nd skull as solid mesh with SSS and then i add on top the new skull with metallic texture Will upload once done
  12. Hey Hey Thank you ! I will start uploading here to. ( on holiday this week/end so will do in new week ) I recently created Behance profile so kind of thinking serious about this 3D bucket of Candy and pain. I hope to soon learn animations but baby steps 1st as we all know
  13. Hey There I realised that i only have been nagging about my issues and questions i have about some stuff and forgot to Do the Introduction Post So here it goes. Hey. So i am a newbie 3D artist / Photographer Been doing photography for a quite some time and decided that want to learn 3D Been working with C4D roughly 3 Weeks now and yeah its nice. I like the challenge of leaning new things from scratch and experimenting. I have attached a small render i did Last evening Used OCTANE +
  14. isn't volume modelling from R20 and up ?
  15. Thank you. I will have a look Thanks Griz
  16. Apologies for this I was in a rush when typed this. Thanks Griz
  17. Hi all Hope you are well and happy ( well at least Well ) Was browsing trough some artists today and found a peace from Bill Ellis Was wondering does anyone know a way how to archive something like this got few examples Now it looks to me to be 2 separate objects bot how to archive this style of texture in overall I understand 1 way is displacement ? but even then how to shape the damage etc ? DISCLAIMER - IMAGES ARE FROM ARTIST "BILL ELIS" IMAGES ARE USED ONLY AS REFERENCE
  18. And the day has been saved by @Cerbera Thanks Will have a play !
  19. Good Afternoon and Happy New year Quick question so i got a 3D Mesh of a skull How can i fill the gap between it's inner wall and it's outer wall so i can cut some peaces away and it does not look hollow Shall i just open in in Sculpting thingy and do the job there ? Idea is to brake it apart making a mask at the moment i have been working with Displacement maps and deleting mesh to form this mask but in future i want to avoid the hustle C4D R19 + octane Thanks G
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