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  1. forgot to try optimize after welding the two parts together, highlight both objects in the objects tree. Right click and click on "connect objects + delete". highlight the new object. click points mode, Select all, right click in the viewport, optimize.
  2. Hi all, I'm back again. Made a mistake on a mask I am modeling. Long story short, I want to take a section of the mask from a previous save (before I made the mistake) and weld it to the points onto my current working file (Pic 1). Here is my problem, when weld all the points together and make the model one again, I notice that there is a seam now (pic 2) and I notice that the points where the seam occurs have the SDS seamed out as well ( cursor in pic 2). Is there something else I have to do before welding the points together? I know it has to do with the SDS but I am stumped.
  3. I see. I don't have an edge loop on the end like that. I see what you guys were trying to tell me. I will try this. thank you! Edit: SUCCESS ! The key was the "kite quad" hey I learned a new term and trick today! I simply added another loop and made sure it was nice and tight like the pic shown and viola sharp with SDS turned off (pic 1), and sharp with it turned on! (Pic2) What a great welcoming to c4dcafe thank you all for your help. Hope this will help other in the future. tags: subdivision surface, lips, lipstick, mask, sharp edges, e
  4. ahhh I am of to a good start then as I figured that edge trick out when I was doing the lips. Also I think you have mistaken my intro post for my inspiration. That image is the one that inspired me to get into 3d art. This is the image I was inspired by to create the mask. As you can see. the lips are sharp and painted .
  5. Ok I will try this. Also the rounded edges of subdivision surface remind me of the bezier pen tool. If you are familiar with that I would like to make a hard tangent instead of rounded edges ,,,,,, if that helps to convey what i'm trying to get at.
  6. yes but do you see the edge of your lips are still rounded ( subdivision surface) I am after the sharp edge lipstick look / fine tip . did you see my 2nd post in this thread? is there a way to do that? Also thank you for your help and pics
  7. ohh I see, Haha... I realized I started out with too many poly's about midway through, but kept going and now I realize why the tutorial was using less detail in the beginning. I guess I can try and add more edge loops but is their a way to make the edge of the lips not have subdivision surface and the rest have it ( my 2nd post with pics) ?
  8. Thank you for the reply, when I try to move the geometry to make that part sharp, I still have a rounded edge. If I uncheck subdivision surface I get the edge I want (sharp). Basically I would like to keep this part of the lips sharp is if the subdivision surface was disabled (pic 1) and then the rest of the lips with subdivision surface enabled (pic 2)
  9. New to 3d and stumped on a problem so thought I'd google where to get help, so here I am. Hope to learn with you all! here is a pic that inspired me to get into 3d. "Rod_Emergence" by Wen-JR
  10. Hi all!, New to 3d (3 months now) I am working on this mask. (Pic 1) I am trying to make the edges of the lips sharp (pointy) but am having trouble because it is in a subdivision surface. I tried selecting the points that I want to convert to sharp (pointy) edges and holding down the “.” period key (PICTURE 2) and moving the mouse to sharpen them up, but I get this overlapping / deformation of the geometry due to the subdivision lines between points not flattening (PICTURE 3) I know it has to do with those subdivision lines between points ( PICTURE 4)
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