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  1. Ragul

    Resize Spline

    Hi. Im just started writing script for resize spline. It's work, but i don't understand how i must add position to a new point on the spline. Please, any help. P.S. For resize spline use UI on py_tag pyscriptspline.c4d
  2. Ragul

    Texture to Vectors

    Hi. How can i convert greyscale texture to a vector value with expresso?
  3. Just started to do something... and why it's don't work? Python Align Test.c4d
  4. Hi. How can i freeze or block rotation matrix of clone? Or store rotY, rotX before all effectors and add it after all effectors?
  5. Hi. I just increase iterations in the dynamic expert tab. soft body cylinder.c4d
  6. It's very inteligent way to do this. It's work very well on the plain but, it didn't work with object that have a volume, becouse tag locked "Pinch" rotation. I just play with fields. Maybe it is work in that way....
  7. Just try more and it's look like.... but if look close it's not solved... just little move and all align clones turn into wrong direction... Please, help!
  8. I just do this, but it's not help. Maybe i do something wrong... but when im enabled Target effector, it's change "all" my direction. especially aling to normal direction.....
  9. Hi. How can i realize this effect on the screen? I have a clone witch align to the surface, and i want to tell the clone: " Hey, be align but look to the target." i realy dont understand how i can do it, becouse all clone loose control when target effector is on. Thanks for any help. align test.c4d
  10. Hey, "Current State" create 1 spline object from tracer. If there any way to get everyone splines?
  11. Hello. Can i get all splines from Tracer as a separate objects?
  12. I want exectly what you see on the screen, but with +Z(or -Z), or +X(or-X) axis align to the surface. Test 9.c4d Test Scene.c4d
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