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  1. Hi. I am very impressed with the procedural workflow. But i don't find any way to split geometry like "Disconnect" or "Split" function in modeling. I want to split poly or point and make them separately. How to do it? Thanks.
  2. This is just Viewport. I can't render in sequence or output on the disk.
  3. Hi. I just want to render vertex map in the color channel driven by Matrix, but what i see it's like blinking black and white colors. Please help! Reaction_Shaders2.c4d
  4. Yes. It's work. Thanks!
  5. Hi. I just want to set parent of each bone. But my bone always jump to position wich set in local coordinate. How to fix it? test.c4d test.py
  6. Solved. I just clone TP on the object and it's done. This "Big Particle" creates just with Array mode.
  7. Ragul

    Clone ID

    Solved. Now i understand. I can get just value, and id of this value what i get, is id of the clone object to set value of cloner.
  8. Ragul

    Clone ID

    Hi. How i can get ID of each clone in the cloner generator with python?
  9. Hi. I just final my TP infection script. As y can see, in the center of scene appers big particle. How i can delete this? Maybe its problem with refresh? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S. Sorry about chaotic code, i write for self TP RnD(13).c4d
  10. Ok. I made it just with "ParticleID" output port and connect "PGroup" to "PSetData".
  11. Hi. Python node has't TP_group type input. How i can change particle from "First" group to "Second" group in Python Node? TP RnD(8).c4d
  12. I make it with Cross Product node.
  13. It's not work. When i used wind with PPosition Follow in Spring it shrink particles radius and it is looks like not correct way to place particles on the surface. What i do wrong? TPSurface.c4d TPSurface2.c4d
  14. Hi. I generate particle on sphere and they follow the surface. But sometimes they go up and escape from surface. I dont know how to preserv them, and pull back. When particle going up i must push him back. Please, help. How i can do it? TPSurface.c4d
  15. Hi. Im just started writing script for resize spline. It's work, but i don't understand how i must add position to a new point on the spline. Please, any help. P.S. For resize spline use UI on py_tag pyscriptspline.c4d
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