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  1. I heard something totally different from MAXON US, but I have been able to resolve my issue with getting a perpetual license none the less. Here is a quote from an email from MAXON US. January 6, 2020 - "I just spoke to Ron in Tech support along with the Sales Manager. According to US law we are unable to charge for a License transfer so my apologies for the out dated response. The owner can do whatever you choose with the license you own."
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I still have some time on my Ed License and may eventually upgrade to R21.
  3. I am aware that Merk has a plugin called PolyGreeble that would probably be superior to Greebler, but I have not heard from him in quite some time. And about PolyGnome... I really want to support the dev of PolyGnome considering his communication is superb.
  4. This may sound like a complaint, but I'm honestly looking for recommendations.... I have been using a paid education license of R20 for a little over a year now to get my feet wet with C4D. I was ready to purchase a perpetual license from another user who no longer used R20, but I got some bad news from MAXON. They no longer transfer licenses from one user to another for R20 or lower and they are no longer involved in any way to assist one person in selling a license to another user. The folks at MAXON were polite and provided prompt responses, but I was disappointed to hear that I cannot purchase a legit serial from another user and have the license in my name instead of their name. Essentially, I could "purchase" the serial from another user, but the license would not be "in my name" according to MAXON. Do any of you have recommendations, besides upgrading to R21 when my education license expires? I am just a hobbyist and R20 works for me and I have no issues with the plugins I use. I don't want to lose those plugins when/if I moved to R21 (two examples that are not supported in R21 are the Greebler and PolyGnome). Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
  5. I currently have an education license, but am looking to buy a perpetual license for R20. I live in the US so I think a US license would be required. Some plugins I use for C4D are not compatible with R21. Shoot me a message or reply here. Thanks.
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