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  1. OH Waw thats exactly what I needed! Thank you so much! I was putting the helix as parent instead of sweep!
  2. Hello! Im trying to attach a tube to a rotating sweep nurbed spline but it seems impossible to have the tube always aligned to the "toothpaste" in the right position. Ive attached the project file. I hope someone can help me. I tried to work it with Align to spline and Constraint tags but it didn't work. Maybe I missed something. spiral_test.c4d
  3. Thanks a lot! the steps per frame and iteration worked!
  4. Hello everyone! Im having a problem with my cylinder soft body, when it hits the plane (collider body) it seems to be going under it like in the photo attached. This doesn't happen when Im dealing with a cube. I have attached the project. I wish I could get some help on this one. Thanks! soft body cylinder.c4d
  5. Hello everyone, My first mixamo experience. Im trying to make my character interact with a soft body but its not working. Any advice? mixamo1.c4d
  6. Hello everyone, I am trying to create a kind of wrinkling elastic effect upon collision like this video. Any idea how to get this effect with C4D?
  7. Hello all, I am using the trial version of Arnold Renderer on C4D R21. The IPR render doesn't seem to follow my perspective animation. The sphere which is a soft body doesn't get distorted on IPR like it should (screenshot attached). The sphere is able to pass through the taurus on IPR as if there is not tension at all. My steps per frame is 35. Can anyone help?
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