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  1. Honestly I tried once and when it didn't work tried the other immediately without investigating. It's late and I should not be up doing this at all so I'm getting a bit reckless lol. I need a deep dive into that subject I've taken an intro to c4d course but it was definitely a basics of all the major things. Really solid 12 week course but some topics need their own course. Will definitely be doing more research on cloners and fields. Rabbit holes!
  2. Ok great I was just editing my post to say I'd actually done that after trying the make current state object which did not work. Thanks a lot again I don't think outside the box very well and try and bludgeon through it's funny the answer was not a complicated setting but just do it different.
  3. Thanks for your help here. I did do the numbers and ticks separate I don't think my head would have wrapped around combining in one cloner. When you say remove them manually does that mean I have to apply the cloner first and flatten it somehow then I can remove them? When I select now it's obviously just selecting the group. Thanks again.
  4. Title got cut off but I'm making a clock. The little tick things that go around a clock face I put in a radial clone but I also have numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 and so I want to change the spacing between the remaining ticks so they look right with the numbers and I can't figure it out. I tried putting a plain effector on but none of the settings in there do what I need not to mention it removes half my ticks. I've been clicking around in c4d and googling for hours and I feel like I'm missing something really simple as usual with c4d. Any insight would be appreciated. I'd upload but I'm using Arnold which may complicate things. The image below is what I have so far I just want to reduce the space between the lines so they aren't so close to the numbers. Using r21
  5. Oh man so simple the answer was! I forgot to even touch the speed thanks very much for your quick response. Now to go back to tweaking for another 5 hours! Fixed my profile as well thanks a lot for your help
  6. Hello. I'll preface by saying I'm very new to c4d. I'm comfortable using it for the most part but don't know what it can do if that makes sense. This forum feels a bit advanced for me but I don't know where else to ask honestly. I'm in a course and the project we were given was to animate a plane along a spline and use an emitter for exhaust. Easy enough. I decided to do a starfox theme and just want to change one little thing and make it shoot lasers in front instead of exhaust behind. No matter which way I turn the lasers they still trail behind the ship. I'm sure there must be a way to do what I'm asking I just have no idea what the options are. I've tried flipping all sorts of switches and searching quite a few different phrases through google (I've been at this for hours now) which is actually how I found this forum. Any insights would be great thanks. Also I've attached the file but I am using Arnold. up-in-the-air.c4d
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