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  1. Thank you for getting back to me! what i will do is if i find some time next month, i will revisit this model and try and implement theses changes because i think they are all valid. With the Astronaut that is the exact reason why i coloured him the way i did, i did not want him to blend too much with the environment but at the same time did not want him to be a glaring object in the scene so much which is why i went with the bright lilac because it is a mix of the blues and reds in the scene making it complement the colour pallet without being too distinctively different.
  2. Thank you for the feedback! Yeah I have been using a few reference images to compose the scene, realism was not a top priority for me on this as much as should maybe of been. you are right with the neon's i could of incorporated a few of them better with the buildings. i was thinking of modelling each them to look more like florescent tubes. As for the HDRI, I am still quite new to using them in the right way and could not find one that would reflect the scene in the way i best wanted it to so i just decided to use lights instead. I am going to be trying to make more
  3. Hey! So here is the final render of the scene i tried to colour grade it to be a little bit brighter but could not figure it out how to do it on premier pro ( some of the lights are animated. Let me know your thoughts if i need to improve anything.
  4. This is really really Helpful 3D-PANGEL I've just seen this and definitely going to revise the model with some of your points. really apprichiate the feedback. Here are a few shots of my progress with it so far almost there! What I will do is go over the pipe works and lines and see where I can add in supports and any further detail the lighting and render still needs a little bot of work too. Also currently trying to figure out how to easily do the wires around the environment quicker! ( just currently using the spline pen tool)
  5. Thank you so much for the feedback! i see what you mean with the phong angle and with the polygon count i try to keep them similar but for the smaller elements, i guess i can make the count less. i am so worried about making things look too blocky haha. i will keep posting my pogress with this and see if i am on the rlght lines!
  6. Hi I am currently in the process of modelling an cyberpunk environment and would love to get some feedback on if the modelling is correct so far and what i could add! Thank you! na
  7. Thank you for your reply! I will give that a go!
  8. Ok! apologies for that. Thank you for the info really appreciate it.
  9. Hi All I am trying to Model a lipstick in the shape of the image bellow but dont really know where to start. Are there any tips of where to start? i can do a very basic shape but not one which is pointy and has a curve at the back. Thank you in advannce!
  10. Hi All! hope you are well, I am trying to create a glitter texture for octane which retains the reflection of the flakes but having a difficult time of where to start. Is there a way to create such a texture or is there anywhere i can buy the texture? Image attached is the sort of texture i am trying to achieve Thanks in Advance!
  11. Hi I am trying to model some bristles on this mascara model i am currently doing, i was wondering if i can get some help on where to start, attached are images of my model and what i am trying to achieve. thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all!!! I am at bit of a brick wall and stand still, I have been modelling With AutoCAD and Vectorworks for 5 Years and I am trying my hand with doing more detailed modelling with Cinema 4D but don’t really know where to start in terms of using the modelling tools in Cinema 4D. I would like to begin modelling more abstract and set design models and renders but trying to look for where to begin with creating theses tool wise. REvL
  13. Hi! i have a few examples of my work on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/na_designlondon/?hl=en, But in terms of the organic modeling, i would like to do more polymesh modeling of characters, abstract art, and some original art. i have a example of a project i am just about to begin on C4D, let me take a screen shot.
  14. Hello All I am a Drafts person who has been doing a lot of 3D Geometry Modeling for 4+ Years now but want to go into doing mesh/organic modeling and have decided to use C4D in order to begin to get to a point where i can get as good as some of the amazing work i have seen from you guys!, it is a pleasure to be able to be registered to this site and hopefully be able to be engaging and helpful.
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