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  1. Hi all!!! I am at bit of a brick wall and stand still, I have been modelling With AutoCAD and Vectorworks for 5 Years and I am trying my hand with doing more detailed modelling with Cinema 4D but don’t really know where to start in terms of using the modelling tools in Cinema 4D. I would like to begin modelling more abstract and set design models and renders but trying to look for where to begin with creating theses tool wise. REvL
  2. Hi! i have a few examples of my work on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/na_designlondon/?hl=en, But in terms of the organic modeling, i would like to do more polymesh modeling of characters, abstract art, and some original art. i have a example of a project i am just about to begin on C4D, let me take a screen shot.
  3. Hello All I am a Drafts person who has been doing a lot of 3D Geometry Modeling for 4+ Years now but want to go into doing mesh/organic modeling and have decided to use C4D in order to begin to get to a point where i can get as good as some of the amazing work i have seen from you guys!, it is a pleasure to be able to be registered to this site and hopefully be able to be engaging and helpful.
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