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  1. Agreed, Proper! PM sent. I will wait for your response and start posting to share.
  2. I have successfully colored particles by selecting a color (color remap) in both Linear Fields. I am using Plain effector with Time & Formula to reveal MoText with a PolyFX child via Linear Fields. I have engaged fields color and left blending mode to default. This was a success. My problem is I can not re-create this effect in my other C4D session. A little background on that: The title sequence (beginning of this animation) is actually the end of the original animation minus several objects and MoText. I utilized the end of the sequence because of the way the Time efector had built up the polyFX spread. I could'nt seem to re-create that Time effect from the start, so as a short cut, I redesigned the end of my sequence as the beginning which I will composite in AE. I now would like to utilize the particle colors I am getting in my title sequence, so I went back to the original, followed the same procedure, adding Fields Color to the Time and Formula efectors expecting the same result and nothing. I have gone through a few variations of this project (different saved .c4d files) to see if there was a bug in the system and still no dice. To be frank, I found my way to this design through experimentation, some of the steps I took to get here are not necessarily protocol, but still I am getting the desired results. I just can't figure out why the effector-ed MoText polyFX are not receiving the color. Everything should be the exact same. In C4DScreen1.PNG & C4DScreen2.PNG is the title sequence with the red desired color, in C4DScreen3.PNG & C4DScreen4.PNG is the original sequence, with the same settings and no color. I am a bit nervous posting a work file up here until I get some responses. Thank you so much in advance! Peace -BTron

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