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  1. I think I will start over from the scratch. Thanks Dan, You've been most helpful.
  2. All this time I was working on the head model and then after I brought in the base body model from the library, I cut the head off, subdivided the body and brought it closer to the head, and just then I realized the problem. So I thought if there's a way I could make the body fit to the head, not the other way around. Like if I could add those 60 polygons to the body ones maybe. And unfortunately no, I don't have a saved low poly version of the head.
  3. Thanks Dan! That was helpful. Now I can see that I have 184 Polygons on the head side and 124 on the body side. It's bad, isn't it? http://www.mediafire.com/file/21j9a50z00vqnb4/Untitled_5.c4d/file
  4. Hello, I think I've made a mistake, I'm not sure where exactly though. I first modeled a head, with high poly count, and now when I want to connect the head to a body I can't seem to know how exactly. is there anyway I can properly connect them together?
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