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  1. Hi Igor, thanks for the reply. Yes, I too believe it is a Mac OS issue as it also happens on R19, and it doesn't matter what the scene is, just rendering anything causes this issue. I guess I just want to hear if anybody else on here runs C4d OK on Mojave or if the issue has been spotted by someone else. I've attached a picture of my CPU usage when rendering. 1500% Can't be right, surely! Probably a stupid question, but how do I report a bug?
  2. Hi all, My machine has recently had it's OS updated to 10.14 Mojave, and now every time I render (either preview, render region or to Picture Viewer) my Mac's CPU usage spikes to over 1000% and I can barely do anything else (such as move the curser!). This happens with Cinema's renderer as well as V-Ray. Before, on the older OS it ran like a dream. (it's a 2013 Mac Pro). Obviously the inability to use the machine while rendering in the background is pretty rubbish. Has anybody else experienced any similar problems? Many thanks for any advice!
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