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  1. @deck Thank you so much! okay so what I want is like the file you sent me but attached to the sphere.. It is supposed to be like a prize! I deleted the spline mask but nothing changed, I'd love to understand why but I'm a silly beginner hahaha! Thanks in advance, Joy Deck1.c4d
  2. @deck Hey! thank you for your reply, I'm trying to do it like you say but I still can't get it to work... Would you be open to helping me one on one through Discord perhaps ? If not. The problem is that My Spline is from a vector line made in Illustrator, I don't know if thats a factor that could be making it worse...
  3. Hey guy's I'm a beginner and I can't seem to get this to work! I need to extrude AND spherify but it wont work when I do both! What do I dooooooo!???
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