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  1. oh my, yes this is it; thank you. Quick question, how would I make the emitter not move the cloners (still interact and avoid) but let the cube move the cloner?
  2. Here is sample file. Two setups, where grid of boxes are collider in one setup and rigid in the other. I want to make the large collision object plow through the grid of boxes, moving the grid of boxes around the object as it goes through; and at the same time have emitters move around the grid of boxes as they are moved by the collision object. Ridgit & Collider setup.c4d
  3. I have grid of boxes made with cloner, I am crashing a sphere into it, and I want to add emitter that also interacts with the grid of boxes. With the sphere, the grid is the rigid body and sphere collider tag, but with the emitter, I want the emitter to be rigid body and grid the collider, so the emitter gets pushed around by the grid. Is there a way to make this work?
  4. keyid

    Foggy Atmosphere

    Highly appreciate the suggestions. I tried the boole object and the transition was a bit too abrupt from fog to no fog. So far, what looks good was making box surrounding the scene with Square Parallel Spot lights (one for each side) and make them volumetric. However, animating each box gets complicated and unweildly and will need to experiment with espresso for controlling the group as a whole (expand and contract). Also, using both environment fog and sky fog look good as well, but fog sky puts fog everywhere and havent found a good mixture that is satisfactory.
  5. Hello, new user here. I am trying add fog and control it in native c4d. I would like to control the depth and amount similar to setting up a 360 degree sphere, where beyond the sphere there is absolute fog density and inside less fog to none in the middle. Is this possible? I really like physical sky but the parameters for fog is height and not distance from camera; and while environment fog is close the quality is not as good. Tried fog texture on sphere but wasn't able to produce something good and seemed renders slow. Can volumetric light be spherical?
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