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  1. Well, I started butt there soimthing weird with the mesh
  2. In fact I know some basics but holes and rounds make me go crazy when they come in the game lol I hade a great modeled lock only with extrusions and i was trying to do holes with the line knife but it was not succesfull. I wanted to start something with hard poly modeling. That's the reason why I asked here, and honestly, you helped me, I think I will me able to do something great Great forum, I'll put it in my presentation video of the project !
  3. Wow, thanks for all your answers ! It could help me !
  4. I'm modeling the TARDIS from DW. Here are some renders from what i've done: Well I wanted to model a Yale lock for the doors, this one: I don't know where to start... We've got those holes everywhere, some in curves, then those bevels ... At first i did something and it was cleary good! I worked with extrusions and bevels and boolean.... but boolean are making the mesh quite clear... Where to start? Do I start with a cube? A plan ? I need some advices! Thks in advance !
  5. Hello there ! First, you need to know that i'm French, so, sorry if my english is bad some times ! I'm a developer for bank apps. I love Doctor Who. Nothing more to say ^^ Thanks for all
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