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  1. Ahhhh this is perfect, the Set Selection stuff is well handy too. Further question: once I've set a selection group is there a way to extract those splines from the main layout so I can have them as a totally seperate piece? Essentially I'm trying to mimic the cut / paste as new layer tools you'd used to seperate an image in Photoshop. Thanks for your help gang! B x
  2. Easy all. Not sure if this is a really simple thing I'm overlooking or something more fiddly. I'm trying to select individual loops from some fairly dense topography style splines (see image). Do I have to manually paint each point in on a selection or is there a "select loop" style tool for points? Only seems to work in edge mode and seems like a fairly basical piece of functionality to need when modelling. Have had a dig and can't find any examples of it being used in tutorials etc. Thanks all!
  3. Okay solved it! Apparently if you put the object that the clones will be stuck to within the cloner hierachy (I had the cloner and torus parented under the object they were intended to clone around) it prevents you from being unable to hide the object. Five hours to work that out. Hope this post saves someone some time!
  4. Hi guys, sure this is a really simpple one but can't for the life of me seem to find a fix. I'm cloning a torus around the edges of a sphere object and, for reasons I can't work out (or find documentation on in the help files) I can't figure how to have the torus' clone around the sphere object without having the sphere visible. This feels like it should be far more simple than it is? Am I missing something? Scene file attached. Thanks! MDB 20 02 08 Radial Rings 01.c4d
  5. Thanks for this, almost what I'm after! That's a fairly clumsy method but definitely what I need for the time being. Much appreciated.
  6. Ey up! Yep realised a few minutes after posting I was farting about in the Dope sheet instead of the curve editor like an absolute tool. Got what I needed in there! Secondary question: Is it possible in C4D to duplicate an item (the torus in this case) multiple times and then offset each torus by, say, 5 frames each? For the moment I've done it by hand but wondered if there was a way to automate it. You can do it AfterEffects fairly easily, wondered if C4D had a similar function? Thanks for your help!
  7. Easy all. Probably quite a simple one here, but can't see the obvious tool / button for the job. I'm animating a set of rings that expand out in width and scale up in thickness then back down again. I want the two values to remain consistent, but in C4D (I'm fairly new here) I can't seem to grab and manipulate two bezier curves at once like I would in AfterEffects. Is there a way to link the two values together so that they both scale exactly? Screengrab below. Thanks!
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