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  1. Is that for color, or can it also dissolve texture?
  2. Thanks for the response. This would work, but I'm new to C4D and I'm not sure what you did. I opened the project but couldn't exactly tell. Can you describe what you did? Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to dissolve or morph the material or UV mapping and can't seem to do it. I morphed two simple objects from the same sphere. I created a sphere and copied it, then distorted the second sphere. I morphed them using pose morph. That worked fine. But I have no idea how to also morph the material. The shape is supposed to change shape and color/texture. I want the texture to change through a dissolve and not a gradient reveal. I would appreciate your help or to be pointed to a tutorial. Thanks!
  4. It didn't render for me. I see it's a bar, but when I try to play the playhead doesn't move. And when I try to render preview, it's just black. I may be missing a plugin, or maybe it's a limitation of c4d Lite.
  5. I'm working in C4D Lite for AE. I should've added that I'm trying to animate each swatch so that it turns off at different times. When I add key frames to one swatch, the others turn off as well.
  6. I'm trying to animate the below object so that lights turn off one by one. Each bar on this DNA strand is a separate object. It's several objects grouped together (I'm new to C4D and may be using the wrong terminology). It appears that the materials are linked so that if I change one, all change. I'm trying to change the material on each object one by one. The animation is that each bar turns off, as a light going off, one after the other but not at the same time. I tried creating a new material and applying it to an individual bar, but when I alter that it alters all the bars and not just the
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