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  1. How do you go back to physical render after you've applied Sketch and Toon to your scene?
  2. Ah yes perfect! The AO did the trick. Thank you so much Cerbera for your quick answer . Do you also now how to turn off the sketch and toon effect after applying it to a scene?
  3. My glass material comes out like this and won't show what's behind?:
  4. Thanks for the help Bezo. I found a solution which was to extract the needed elements to a new project file and remove the keyframes.
  5. Yes. Maybe it is because of the larger animation somehow?
  6. Hey Bezo, Yes, I was currently doing a openGL preview of my animation when I took this picture. But is not how I rendered for the still. I wanted to include screen views of the scene but it doesn't look like I can upload anymore.
  7. These are the render settings used - even though I know they are not checked in the picture. The view render works fine and quick but rendering to the picture viewer will just show a black screen and be stuck on preparing. The frame I want to render is part of a bigger animation scene. All other objects are hidden away in layers. The Picture contains static hair objects and a static tracer object.
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