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  1. Hey all, having previously saved out Open.EXR for regular and multi-pass (using eXtractor in AE to separate layers) and it working perfectly, I assume I have accidentally tweaked the render save settings. Now when I render out as Open.EXR for my multi-pass the depth, Motion Vector and Object buffer save in different files as opposed to all being within the same Open.EXR. Anyone encountered this issue before?
  2. Im ready to export my scene, but the laptop i have been using is tiny compared with the HDRI I've created. Any suggestions how I can make the laptop and HDRI correlate better in size currently because the laptop is so tiny the lighting does not look great???? also why is the HDRI such bad quality in tutorials i have been watching peoples are crisp in relation to the view finder??? Thanks a lot Charlie
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for the replies its really helped consolidate my knowledge Now i've looked at the issue in more detail I can understand what is actually going wrong, the null is tracking the laptop perfectly in some aspects: When it comes to the movement of the base, but when I open the laptop using hinge controls, the null does not follow the laptop opening. Even though I have set the object buffer to be on the top face of the laptop where the screen is... in C4D it shows the null moving appropriately but when importing to AE it only does half of the movements (witho
  4. Big Al your the man, Thanks for taking the time to write out a thorough walkthrough, yes I know the pain of a frame mismatch fixed that issue on Friday!!! Seems to me like I'm running into constant problems, but I'm new at C4D and it's so interesting to me!!! I made a simpler version to see if I could get it to work, one of the issues was that the model axis were not lined up correctly, as well as this the null is absolutely huge, going off the screen in AE so it was hard to see where I was going wrong. Il attach a screenshot below, any ideas on how to make the null fi
  5. Hi all, I need some advice! I followed the SOM phone animation tutorial this all made sense and have spent a lot of time going through it, this includes: multi-passes, Global illumination, ambient occlusion, object buffers, compositing tags, external compositing tags, etc. This went well meaning I could track a null into after effects using CineWare and replace the screen using a luma matte on the phone screen and parenting to get the video I required on the screen without too much trouble (now I understand it). Assuming theoretically that this would also work the same
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