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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Curvature Map Corona Renderer ... All the following samples were rendered using Corona Renderer V 6.0
  2. Hello Everyone I have great news about Curvature Map. The next edition is coming out soon, and it will be posted on C4DCafe. I'm working on some updates and features regarding the colors, channels, and masking. Still working on different things, but here is a speed art video showing the general looking. And here are some render examples. Check Behance project to see more results.
  3. Version 1.1.0


    Curvature Map for Cinema 4D Free Shader Effect Hello Everyone, Curvature Map (Shader Effect) 1.1 - Cinema 4D Is Available Now! With New Features Channels & Texture Mask Up to 4 color channels Curved Reflections Luminance Bump Displacement (Working but not accurate yet) Follow Up on Behance Page to see more result from this shader Share it with your friends Thank You!
  4. Curvature Map (Shader Effect) - Cinema 4D This Shader for every user but especially for those who don't use third-party renderers, so I decided to make one because it's not located inside Cinema 4D and you can use it for materials such as marble, copper, gypsum, iron, etc... You can also animate the effect to show that the material has eroded over time.
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