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  1. Thank you very much bezo. This works just fine.
  2. Would someone please convert a .c4d file for me for a 3D experiment? It is a copyright free model of a low poly character. Currently I only have Cinema 4D Lite. I would like to make changes to the file in another program (Wings3D) and then bring it back into Cinema 4D Lite and Adobe After Effects. If you can help, I would like the attached file converted to .obj , .fbx , or .3ds Thanks much Low_Poly_Model.c4d.zip
  3. DonBurch


    Hello everyone. I’m a new member here at the C4D Cafe. I’m an amateur 3D modeler and video experimenter. I come from a graphic design background (mostly print) and have experimented with a few 3D programs. Currently I'm learning After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite. 
 I hope to learn and share a lot at this forum. Thanks
  4. DonBurch

    Hi everyone

    Hello, I'm new here as well. Hope we both learn a lot! Don
  5. I'm just beginning, but it is now easy to bring Cinema 4D projects into After Effects. Go to top menu of After Effects and select File, when menu drops down select Import, then select File or Multiple Files. Select one or more of your .cd4 files and import into Project. It is now a simple process.
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