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  1. You can always export your scene to Unreal Engine or Unity both of those platforms support AMD gpus Also I think recently Octane just announced they are working with AMD cards on Macs so maybe grab a trial and test that out
  2. In a series of officially sponsored animations, I've partnered with Epic Games to animate the Unreal Engine logo in various themes along with showing you the viewer how I created them. In this third animation dubbed " GAMERISTIC " I used a combination of Rokoko , Cinema 4D by MAXON & Unreal Engine For more information on the Rokoko Smart Suit go to https://rokoko.io/3lfmR8U For more information on Unreal Engine and to download it free use my link here: https://tinyurl.com/y6bfael3
  3. Not sure if you got it or not but maybe this'll help out
  4. I didn't know that lol Just put my latest Redshift tutorial in there now thanks for the heads up
  5. Using Cinema 4D I show you how you can use spline text to create a changeable Neon Sign. We texture it with Redshift then send to After Effects to polish with Magic Bullet Looks and Deep Glow.
  6. I had a viewer ask me how to do this so thought it might be helpful for others as well
  7. I'm not sure what their deal with Otoy is but I think we can plan on seeing Embergen integration with Octane sooner than later which might mean C4D integration but I'm sure they are a long ways off given it's still in beta.
  8. Have you tried autosampling?
  9. For anyone using World Creator this one is for you and can easily be imported into C4D or any other DCC your using
  10. My latest World Creator for anyone interested
  11. I great tool indeed Substance painter better watch out
  12. Also Quixel just literally announced Mixer 2020 which is completely free so I'd suggest giving it a look as well you might not look at substance painter the same after seeing this
  13. I have to admit I haven't touched subtance painter in like over a year I've been using Quixel Mixer more lately but I do have some great tutorials on how to use World Creator with Mixer & Redshift I'll link em here
  14. Good stuff man I've seen you loops all over Twitter and Facebook these past few months


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