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  1. Deck, exactly - will draw them in AI. In case Id like to place them manually into a frame like you made - I guess I would put each into a null that will keep it centered while I change the null rotation to fit it to the hole. Or would you do it otherwise? Thanks for your explanation!
  2. Bezo, sure, I'll nail it - just wanted to verify I'm not missing something Really appreciate your guidance! I'm a happy camper now )) My next mission will be to figure out how to create more complex platonic bodies - like Truncated Octahedron, etc. Thanks again!
  3. Bezo, thanks for the explanation and the project! I followed your expectation (before I saw the project) and learned new things )) The only difference I have is that when I create that n-Side and reduce it to 5 sides - it is being created sightly off from your n-Side. Would you know why, please? Awesome help there!
  4. Thanks Deck, I want to create something similar to a Shadow Lamp ((image attached) - where all the faces are have the exact shape (a cutout inside them so light could pass through) I was hoping I could apply some effector that will set all of them in the shape of the Dodeca dcab0cd8c33e297de95e96c6a56874cc_preview_featured.jfif
  5. I did, but then the Pentagons don't align with the Dodeca's pentagons. Each has a different rotation.
  6. I'm trying to take one Pentagon object and place it on each side of a Platonic Dodecahedron. The way I created it was with a Platonic in the Dodeca Formation (merged the polygons so that the surface will be made out of Pentagons). I then Created a pentagon N-spline and extruded it. I created a Cloner, nested the Extruded pentagons and chose the Platonic Dodeca as the Object. When I choose Surface I get a messy look. Selecting the Dodecas and creating a selection tag for all its faces doesn't change enything. Wondering how to do it right. Thanks!
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