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  1. Hello, I am quit new to 3D so I got a lot to find out. One of the things I am looking at right now is rendering. I have noticed that C4D doesn't always shows the stuff in the viewport the same way as when they are renderd. For example: if I use noise in my texture, the picture in the viewport does not match exactly with the render. So now I have 2 questions: - is there an option I can use to make sure that what I am modeling, is looking just the same as the render? so that I don't have to make renders all the time to see te result of the changes I make (I have already tried to work with 'interactive renderregion' but that doesn't work very nice) - can some one explaine me in simple words what the option "enhanced OpenGL" means? I have read that it has something to do with better renderings or better views in the viewports but I don't really understand it. Thank you
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