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  1. Yep, I am saving up cash for the lessons lol Wont be easy
  2. Yeah. seems they changed it so I can like unlimited posts! This has to be one of the most commented on regular user created posts right? hahaha
  3. Yeah, I am getting more and more tempted but I am a poor student so it probably wont be an option
  4. I am just unsure about how I am gonna improve by just creating new things, concidering I will most likely create them with the same OK topology until I learn otherwise
  5. Made a battle-axe, topology should be good? Works perfectly with SDS at least
  6. Alright - Thanks Ill have a look at the topology guides!
  7. Do you know any good like course series of some kind that teaches the basic-intermediate stuff? I feel like I am kinda just diving head first into the deep end
  8. Could you just send me your mesh since these are just small things related to the copying? - which was quite hard since both the pictures were not the same size
  9. What is the issue with the ones on the bottom? I think I sorted the problems on top
  10. I believe I have now recreated it like yours to my best ability, only polys, not ngons. New M67.c4d
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