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  1. Hello Sir thanks at first what am i trying to do is to have a tyre of a car rotates wherever the car goes, the wheel rotates correctlly, and i found that the only way to do it is to calculate the distance traveled until a certain frame, using the distance between each two frames (ex:T1,T2 or T22,T23) and then calculate the sum of all the previous values, my prblem is that i dont find a node that calculate the sum of the distance values, how can i find a node like that ?
  2. Hello guys im trying to make a car with two wheels, and trying to make those two wheel rotate dinamically with the car movements on the X,Z axis, the problem i have is that i need a node or system using xpresso to get increment a value(distance traveled per frame) so i can get the whole distance traveled through the timeline and whatever the direction of the car is, so to make more simple i did a screen, what i want exactly is something that gives me the amount increment of the value in circle in every frame, like ((distance in frame 0) + (distance in frame 1) + (distance in frame
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