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  1. Fime

    Grid Help!

    Thanks for the answer! But then why does it show up for him? I checked multiple times in the video but he WAS on UVW texturing mode. Also, I am a total noob at cinema 4d, so he was saying "Just make sure you're still in polygon mode or this option will just not show up." I don't know what he means by that.
  2. Fime

    Grid Help!

    Thanks for the Reply! Unfortunately, it didn't work... At least for the thing I was doing. Here is the link to the video I was following. Also, his projection is set to UVW mapping. For me, cubic is the only one where the grid pops up but it doesn't work properly. I even tried to reinstall cinema 4d altogether but it didn't work. Please help. Thanks!
  3. Guys I need Help! The grid for texturing doesn't show up. The guy in the video has a grid but I don't. Also, the axis modifiers don't do anything. Is it because I have a newer version of cinema 4d? He does have a older version of c4d than me. HELP!
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