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  1. My comp is 15 sec. with multipass EXR's from c4d and 1080p image sequence files. When I click play in the preview it won't work and I'm getting an error -1609629695 on AME when rendering or AE. What I know for sure is it let me render when I removed the EXR multi pass images. Anyone know a workaround so I can get my screen to preview with all 4 layers and render.
  2. Alright, I used export as alembic and the normals were fixed.
  3. Ok, here they are. Would love to get this problem fixed.
  4. Hello, I am on R21 Studio. I get wrong outputs when I render redshift. This is a bucket render and this is one I get when I send it to picture viewer for final render. I am using topoformer plugin, why aren't bucket renders or redshift IPR matching the final scene?
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