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  1. Hi, had a look around for how to change this in preferences but wasnt sure of the keywords to use and just had no luck. im doing some fine lineup of animation and rather than type in different figures in the rotation coordinates. Is there a way to have the up and down arrows of each property to move in increments of 0.1 or 0.01cm each time you click the arrow? rather than pushing 1cm or degree everytime you push the up and down arrows? not sure what to call this so i need your help. in the jpeg example below you can see the red circles on the arrows im talking about. Cheers
  2. Hi thanks for this ive run out of time to experiment any further with this, i had to move on with other elements inside the book, so i went with animating each one by hand so there was no further setbacks, fixed the constraints with only using PSR vs parent. In future ill look into cloner/step effectors which seem to solve some other problems im sure to have later on with this project. i hope to make a more versatile version with these suggestions of the popup book and post it up for all. Cheers
  3. Hi thanks for your suggestion, sorry i didn't receive any notifcations for this post, i kind of posted this question everywhere. Ive used realbook which is amazing for pages with that spine style, but the style im going for is hard card pages that is one page folded on itself. (like in example2.jpg). Im sure if i had more experience i could get a cloner version going, which ill need to do more tutorials on still. but for now animating by hand is working as long as i dont use parent constraints and all PSRs. Once ive finished my path ill upload the file here in case anyone needs it or can improve it. Cheers
  4. Hi, (c4d R21 file included) Trying to create a pop-up book. Tried a few different tutorials and ideas. Using a page object with bone structure for left of page and right of page and middle. When page 1 opens up the "L_Rotate" bone rotates the left page open, "middle" bone rotates the middle binding of page and "R_Rotate" bone is PSR constraint so it doesnt follow middle bone. once the page 2 opens the "L_rotate" is PSR Constraint and "middle" rotates and R_Rotate is unlocked from PSR constraint to close the first page. Its quite messy at the moment in the file but the general idea is there for you to see. 8 pages turning and stacking from right to left as the each page is finished. My questions -Is there a easier solution or ideas to achieve this effect much cleaner? -sometimes on playback my constraints aren't working and i get different results on render. sometimes a page will fly in the air for a frame and then snap back. Is there something wrong ive done with the constraints? something to fix with the keyframes or weight on/off instance? - Just really how might you tackle this problem? - would it be hard to make a slider animation for each page to open? any tutorials on this style of book? any help would be amazing, thankyou. Let me know if i need to explain more. POPUPBOOK_HELP1.c4d
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