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  1. You are absolutely right! I jacked the contrast all the way up and sharpened everything perfectly. Fantastic. Now I can fine tune. Thank you so much for the quick response. And... I will do a better job of checking the appropriate categories next time. KC
  2. I've been working on a material and I have the noise almost where I want it. OK, it is not really that close but I'm learning. I've selected turbulence which seems to be close, and applied it to my material and messed with the settings. The shape is close to what I'm looking for but I want the noise to have a hard edge. The quick render below is in focus from the camera POV, but it looks almost diffused and fuzzy. These are octane materials and octane renderer. Any idea on how I can transform/modify the noise to have a harder more defined edge? I've attached a reference picture for what I'm going for. Also i could be totally approaching this material the wrong way and won't be offended by any suggestions for improvement. Thanks! Render Reference Texture
  3. You guys are awesome, thank you. Through a combination of both your suggestions ... just rotating the deformer (wow, I really had a moment not thinking about doing that) and also getting a more natural subdivided object ... I'm able to wrap. Thanks again. And in the future I'll post a simple scene as well.
  4. I'm pretty new to C4D but trying to make the most of what I know. I've got a project where I need to wrap a label around a horizontal tube from top to bottom. Basically think about wrapping a Sharpie logo on a pen. I don't want to use a graphic on a material for the label because I ultimately will have 20-30 variations - the only difference between them is a number. Also, I can create the logo with simple splines and fonts. So I'd like to do this as an object that I can continue to modify as needed. I have attempted to use the Wrap deformer - but I can't figure out how to wrap it top to bottom instead of around. I would rather use something like a Surface deformer and just stick the object to the side. But when I do that, it becomes a serious mess and no adjustment to U, V or scale seems to get me anywhere close. I've also tried a simple project object, but that seems to do nothing at all. I'm sure this is super common and I'm just being a newbie. Any pointers would be extremely welcomed. Thanks!
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