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  1. Okay, I will research X particles some more, but I have already built it out with C4Ds field forces and was really trying to retain everything that I have built thus far. That's why I am wondering if there's anything that can handle that.
  2. I do not have xparticles, but have messed with them before. Do you know if it has it's own field force to manipulate and export or can it export the field forces that comes in C4D? If that makes sense????
  3. I was wondering if there was anyway to export the field force box to Unreal Engine as a .fga? I am faking an airflow simulation through a stadium using Field Forces, and I see people exporting .fga from houdini and maya and importing them into unreal and using that as a way to manipulate the particles in UE4. When you make a field force r21 and adjust the size of the box and display of the "arrows" inside the box it looks very similar to a vector field that is exported from houdini and used to manipulate the particles in UE4. I was just wondering if there's a way (plugin, script, etc. ) that could make that happen? Thanks, N
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