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  1. Hey all. Can anyone tell me what the best source is for 3D human models? I've noticed that Zygote seems to have some that are medically accurate but haven't heard much from anyone on what's best. Thought I'd try this channel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thanks a ton for the information! Would you say those are as high quality as what Zygote has to offer?
  3. Zygote 3D 4 Medical MSEC I've basically just been searching on Google.
  4. Hello all. I'm looking for the most medically accurate 3D models out there. Specifically of the heart. From what I've seen, Zygote has the best ones. Would you agree or is there a better place to get them?
  5. This is slightly off-topic but you could also use Zygote Body. It's great for medical education and you can use it for free. Not sure that if that helps you in this specific instance but it might help in other aspects down the road.
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