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  1. That's very much for the plugin link. Not sure that does everything I need but cannot test anyway as it's no up-to-date unfortunately. It looks like this sort of layering I do in Modo might not be possible in C4D. Just to make it clearer for anyone interested I have put together a sample video of the type of layering I am talking about. Probably easier to see like this... Video link.
  2. Thanks so much for the reply. Yep that I figured out but not how to have the second material blending controlled ie add/multiple, subtract etc. In this example the ink needs to multiply over the paper. And further I have a gold foil also on this label. The foil is a general texture, like the paper, applied to several labels but with a label specific mask. Like the ink, the mask for gold would use UV2, the gold UV1. In Modo the shader tree is kind of like the stack to the right of the mesh in C4D but on each material or image you can just the mapping and blending options completely independently. Also any main material can itself be a stack of materials/images/constants/gradient etc, with each component having the same granular mapping and blending control. More info...
  3. Sorry I think I could have worded that a bit clearer! I'll break all that down to one basic question to start. Say I have a paper label with a printed design. The seamless paper texture uses one UV and the design uses a second UV. The printed design needs to multiply on the paper diffuse. How can I create this setup in C4D and Corona? I can do a diagram if that helps.
  4. I'm just trialling C4D and Corona and coming from Modo. I mostly do packaging work and typically do labels and packs with at least 2 UVS, one standard density for general textures and one for graphic elements that maximises the UV space. For example I have a bottle with 5 paper labels, all use the same base paper and have individual printing, emboss and gold foil. In Modo I simply create a part for each label with an associated mask in the shader tree, create the common paper material in the library set to use the general texture UV. Up in the shader tree I then reference the library paper texture in each label mask, add in the specific emboss image set to use the graphics UV, add a reference to the library gold foil material, which is also setup to use general texture UV, and the gold is masked by another bitmap which uses the graphics UV. Not only this but in Modo I often only add the material channels I want to override what is lower in the shader tree. For instance the gold foil material has channel overrides for meatless, roughness, bump but is not a full material because each of these channels modify certain channels underneath. Fo resample the gold inherits the bump and normal of the paper, the ink diffuse is multiplied over the paper as would happen in reality. So in Modo it is so easy to stack up various materials that use whatever UV you like and mask those using different UVs, and include or omit certain channels as well as control how these are blended in the stack. I have been searching for ages trying to see how to accomplish this in C4D with Corona but I am stumped. Can anyone help me out?
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