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  1. Yeah I know its a long road to even be considered any decent. I`m willing to do that though. I really like creating things and would actually wanna work in such industry in the far future. Goal of mine so I`m happy to put in the effort and time. I need to learn a lot regarding materials, making textures, normal maps etc etc but would be nice to start with decent models and for what its worth Im happy with how this disaster of a model turned out. And thanks for the tutorials and stuff that you can link me tomorrow.
  2. Huh would makes sense. I`ll try and see what you recommend bezo too. You can have the full scene, I attached it. I just had the .3ds at hand, wasnt on my home computer. And I know its a terrible terrible model honestly. Legit my first try with zero tutorials. I have so much to learn about making 3d meshes and models. Currently though I just wanted to practice all my current skill (and non existing skills) in one project to learn and learn and hopefully as annoying these issues are run into them to learn. spaceblazer2.rar
  3. Hmm.. Could be. The model itself is very bad imo. Like I couldnt make it any better. Its hard... But gotta start somewhere. Anyway here is the model. Untitled 2.3ds
  4. I`m creating my own spaceship render from scratch for my own learning purposes as I never made anything in C4D just used already existing models. And built this. I got to the point where I started adding some basic materials to see how it would look like when I ran into this issue where the applied material looks all fine in the viewport but when rendered it doesnt apply to the full object. When making the model I did only make one side only then mirrored it and joined together the two with stitching and polygon pen then connect+delete into one object. I have tried to export the body out and import it back. Assigning a new material. Converting current state to object. Nothing helped. I copied over the model to a new project where the render settings were left untouched (apart from the added ambient inclusion and global illumination as I`m using objects to light up the model for now) My render settings are pretty much stock. Changed to physical. The sampler is adaptive (for my final renders I change to progressive) and the added ambient inclusion and global illumination. Nothing else I can think of to try and fix it. I have very little time to work on this and I already worked a month on this and I dont want to restart to remake its body.
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