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  1. Hi there I have animated a scene with 15 insects and want to export a matte for all 15 of them. Now I added 15 objects buffers but for some reason it takes a looooong time to render and it renders each object buffer into each one png sequence. Now I don't need that, I want one png sequence for all these 15 maggots so I can easily apply it in After Effects. I tried putting the compositing tag on a null but it did not seem to work. Is there a way to just quickly put out an alpha for this? In the file there are several other objects in front of and between the maggots. Because it would have taken 13 hours to render and since I have the exact same scene except for the maggots in After Effects, I thought it would be smart to render only the maggots and use object buffers. But it stills takes about 10 hours and it does not only generate the object buffer file but also an output file even though I disabled "save" on the output. It'd be awesome if you guys had tip for me since I'm also close to a deadline with rendering. I thought this would be very easy and quick to render since it's only an alpha matte but I guess not.
  2. Yes, this is what I have been looking for!! Amazing! Never heard of Spline Wrap before but I'm still new to Cinema. But this looks like it might just work for me. Since I have 15 of those little maggots and by the end of the animation there are supposed to be at least triple, it's also a good idea to animate it along splines. So when we need to adjust something to the music it's easier to slow things down or have them go another way. I will now study this spline wrap. It might also be nice not to deal with IK dynamics. This community here is so quick and helpful, it's awesome. I hope I get to the level where at some point I can help others.
  3. Or is it possible to adjust the IK tag in a way, where the bones with the movement sort of "slide into each other" if you know what I mean. Combining the movement and the contraction would be amazing.
  4. Wow, you are a life-saver! Thank you so much! Even building the maggot. Looks way better than mine. That definitely helped! I already messed around with spline IK but I could not get that nice contraction. Now the thing I'm wondering is- can I use a Spline IK AND an IK Tag on a Rig? The maggot has to crawl over several objects so it would e nice to have the IK following and bending but I could not yet find a way to have both tags on one rig. When I added the IK tag the spline tag does not work anymore. Is there a workaround? I'd love to attach my file but I can't since it's "commercial", well at least it will be part of a performance. But basically I have a similar Rig, just no controllers.
  5. Hi, I hope maybe someone can help with this. I want a maggot to be contracting during movement. So the head pulls forward with the maggot stretching and then the rest follows. The problem I have with a rig and IK is that it does not contract. I could pull off a snake-like movement but the bones cannot pull inwards and overlap each other. Now I'm wondering is spline IK the way to go here? Ideally I would like to have a goal where the head is with which I can move the body and the contracting movement happens through IK on its own but I don't know if that's even possible? It would be super cool if someone more advanced could help me out.
  6. I solved it - I needed to duplicate the scene with a null, duplicate the camera projector with the camera calibrator tag as well and then assign the duplicated Camera to every material in my 2nd scene instead of the original camera. Then I had to delete the camera calibrator and voilà - I could move the whole scene around with a null object and place it where it needs to be.
  7. Thanks, the video is interesting but this is not the issue. I will post a drawing to make clearer what I'm trying to achieve - it is the duplicating und positioning of the 2nd sccene (in orange) that is troubling me. Because the scene is set up with camera calibration und Camera projection on the materials.
  8. Hello there I'm still pretty new to Cinema and currently using it for a project where I have to recreate 2D images/scenes in 3D in a very specific way - in this case it is a painting. So I managed to set up a calibrated camera and project all the parts of the image onto objects and it looks pretty cool, I can move around in the scene and animate camera movements. So now here is the challenge: There is a camera zoom into a frame where the same scene is playing out - so the goal is to create a loop. We are in a room and through a frame we can se the exact same room. So I thought I just through everything into a Null, duplicate and move and scale it to the position behind the frame. The problem is that the projection does not work anymore. I can't get the calibrated camera to move without deleting the calibrated camera tag. So the question I'm asking myself is - How do I composite these 2 scenes together? Should I try to build the whole scene in Cinema and if so how can I set up multiple calibrated cameras where I want them to? Or should I composite the different parts in After Effects? (though I have no idea how I can make it so that there is one smooth camera pan). Does anyone here have some advice?
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