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  1. Heeeeeey, It worked!!!! Thanks a lot!! Now i can go back again to working on my project!!!!
  2. Hello C4D Cafe community, Yesterday I was working on a small scene in c4d when i accidentally tilted my camera horizontally. This has happened to me before and I had ignored it those times but now I found it really annoying and decided to look for a fix online. I came across this video which kind of helped for me. I did manage to tilt my camera back to normal but then when I tried exiting out of the camera mode it just wouldn't do it. And now I have this really weird bug. Not only in the project where i adjusted the mode, my viewport is bugged out, but also when I close and reopen c4d and create a new file, I still have it. Is this a known bug, am I overlooking something?? I have made a video to explain what is happening, this is in a freshly made scene with only a cube in it so you guys can see what happens. I hope you guys can help me out!! P.S. This is my first time posting something here so tell me if i'm posting in the wrong sub-forum or if there is something else that could be improved!
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