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  1. I have an x-particle system paired with an object. Is there any way I can throw them into an instance object? It doen't seem to be working...
  2. I have a simple c4d object with dynamic hair attached. When I make an instance object of the enitre thing, the hair on the instance version has no dynamics. Am I missing something?
  3. Hey! Im adding these particles onto a sphere with some particle dots on them. In the emitter tab, I set it to emit from texture, and I am driving the scale and position of them using a regular material with a noise on its color channel (picture 1). I try and do the exact same thing on another object, but it's not doing anything (picture 2). I have no clue what I'm doing differently. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Cool. I understand all that. It's just that when I apply and xp generator and throw those spheres into it, my c4d freezes up becaus eI think there's just too many particles for it to process, but that's how much I need...
  5. Hi, I could use some help from some particle geniuses out there.... I'm working on this neuron model using cinema 4d / redshift / x-particles. I'm adding these little spheres to it using x-particles, with an xp scale and a noise shader in it to drive the spheres into these little clumps (Picture 1). I'm looking for a way to bake this into real geometry so when I animate this, the spheres won't move. I have my emitter at 0 speed, but it still moves away from the base a little each frame. And I tried using an xp freeze modifier, but ideally I'd want to turn this into editable geometry. As particles, it slows down playback. So my first thought was to use the xp generator, but there's so many spheres that when I do, it freezes cinema 4d, so that's not going to work... I also attempted to do the same thing OUTSIDE of x-particles, using a cloner and a shader effector with a noise channel (Picture 2). It ALMOST gets me to the same spot, except it seems the effector is only increasing the size of the spheres. I would like to have them also decease them this way to drive the little black points to disappear, more like how I did it using x-particles in picture 1. Essentially, my first way (x-particles) gets me the format / size / positioning I want, but I can't find a way to easily make it into geometry. The second way (cloner , shader effector) gets me the editable, static geometry but I can't get the scale of it as to how i did it in the first way... Any advice / help would be amazing!
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