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  1. Thank you for responding. I gave up and started over, but I thought I would upload the project just in case (for next time) and I have a feeling I know why I was stumped (I noticed a bunch of weird tags that had inadvertently been added to that geometry) So, case closed. Thank yhou
  2. I am working on a model that I will eventually 3D print. I'm a relative C4D noob and its time like these that I get so confused and frustrated - trying to figure out why a simple task is not working the way I expect it to. I have a cube and need to build out some geometry on the inside. I bridged two lines on symmetrical polygons on the inside to make an inside plane and now want to split it into exactly two. I select face mode, select the polygon, right-click to find Loop/Path cut.....and no matter what I do, I don't seem to get the loop line indicating where I want to make
  3. Oops - figuring out how this forum works. I guess i don't have a way of manually flagging the topic solved without adding a comment? Thanks again.
  4. NICE! THANK YOU! Total noob here, so just out of curiosity - can you explain the logic in why you need that extra layer or Field for it to work? Is it something in the way the Sample node looks at the object for it to parse the data maybe? Anyway.... Regardless, I thank you!
  5. I would like audio to affect the speed of the rotation of a matrix object, much like what's discussed here. From my research, it seems like in Xpresso, you take the Object Output of the Sound Effector, pass it through a Sample node to get the Strength, and then pass that through a Remapper to suit whatever parameter you're trying to affect. As I'm trying to figure out how to do that, shouldn't I be able to see the "result" being passed through, even before what I decide what to do with it? In my setup here, I'm expecting a value of 0.627 to be passed through Xpresso so I can do


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