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  1. Hi @Cerbera, First of all, thank you very much for your time, I really appreciate it. Your thoughts helped me understand the issue more closely. Also, thank you for pointing me to @jed. I'm eager to find out more. Just to explain my determinations, working on this scene took me some time to make a decision which dynamics to use. That's way I decided to skip cloth and cloth collider, believing to have more options with soft body; especially in case of using several object with same behaviours in the same scene. Then, I had to decide how to put them together, and my choice was Connector. Now, here might be an issue: Maybe I should have used Constraint to connect dynamics, or something else?! I guess, like you said, there are several interconnections among parameters which are causing the unwanted issue, but I don't know precisely which ones. It's not a rush, but really I hope that my issue will get resolved. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi, Cerbera! Here is the scene file. I appreciate your further effort! Thank you in advance! Untitled_10.c4d
  3. Hello everyone, I am writing for the first time, so if I chose wrong topic, please direct me to the right one. First of all, I wanna emphasise that I have beginner knowledge, and I hope that I am gonna find a solution to my problem here. Basically I constructed a roll up banner stand and I want that banner to fall on a ground (collider) until it stops in its natural state. I had a problem connecting rigid body (banner stand) to soft body (fabric banner). That's way I used connector (hinge - point connect) because I couldn't find better way to connect banner with stand. Now, everything seamed to work fine when I started animation until the banner stand hits the ground. Then, unexpectedly banner stand loses rigidness and fabric banner crashes through surface of banner stand (rigid body). Simply don't now what is happening here. It drives me crazy. Please, could someone explain me where am I making mistake?? Is there a better way to connect soft body and rigid body (not collider)? How could rigid body retain its shape and keep "colliding" soft body? BIG THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!! Couple of details :::: First picture shows model starting position before playing animation. Second picture shows paused animation and unexpected/unwanted result. Third picture presents desired result.
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