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  1. Hello, I am playing with unfolding and i can now make a unfolding cube and played with a Plane also. But what you can see in the movie, that's what i want to make. I need a little help to do this. Anyone an idee how to achive this. Especially the speed, and change of the polygons. Thx Kim. Unfolding_1_1.mp4
  2. Hi Cerbera, yes i did the same as you, but no result. So i desided to do a new fresh install and now everything works fine. But still the question, why i didn't work and after a fresh install it works.. But anyway, Thx for your help. Kim.
  3. hi Cerbera, Thx for your answer, but i drop it on the Empty Palette Text bu no result. All the time i have a red circle with red line in it. When i drop it in the Viewport it works.Then i see the cursor with an + but that is not what i want.
  4. Hello, i can't dock my render settings. when i go to customization, customize patterns, when i click on edit palletes, i can't put nothing in my new pallete.. Please help. I have C4d R19 build 19.068 Kim, from the netherlands.
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