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  1. Hey Igor, Thanks for the reaction! I'm sorry if my description was a little vague but after messing with it for about 2 more hours I found the fix. Trying to make the render/file lighter I tried to use the render instance which copies the shape, rotation and scale of the original. But it stays in its place. So I set it to instance and they started to move individually. Also i made them stay in place for a while by key-framing the trigger. Confetti object reveal.c4d
  2. While typing this i just realized what is going on..... I am trying to make an explosion of confetti from a starting shape. After a few seconds the confetti reveals the object by getting blown away. (A grand reveal type of thing) What I just found out was that my basic shapes do get blown away and the rest of the clones mimic the shape and orientation, but they do not change their position. So this is not the way to make this animation. Now I wonder what I should use to make this animation, there is a lot of confetti needed to cover the object. Having 5000 pieces of confetti as object is not the way for as far is I know but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this project without some expensive plugin/program. As I do not own x particles or something of the sort I would like to get some tips or tricks from the experienced C4D users on how to make this animation. Even though my system is quite good I still hope there is a way that works and doesn't make my desktop melt.
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