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  1. Hi! Im struggling to design my cinema project to have a pure white background to blend into my website body when it's finished. I have uploaded a screenshot of the material editor, showing that the colour of the background plane should be pure white, however there must be something wrong with the lighting (i'm guessing). Does anyone have any tips on how to get a pure white background without disturbing the green stuff. Thanks, Matt
  2. Hi there! I recently downloaded a project file from Nikomedia, and whenever i try to render a frame i get a couple asset errors, and the render comes out in terrible quality. Please see the attached PDF for what i'm seeing. https://we.tl/t-XKOtGvoNB9 - here is a download link to project file Also, when i load the program, i get an error saying that there is a missing plugin called "octane renderer". But i have had problems with installing this plugin, do you think that the missing "octane renderer" is associated with the missing assets? I am really new to c4d so your help would be really appreciated! Many thanks, Matt pdf_asset_error.pdf
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