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  1. Hi guys, quick question, how would I set the camera to render out in straight view with camera movement? Like attached screen shots, just set keyframes with camera Z position, in perspective view, I can get the zoom in animation, but not the final result I want. Once I set camera projection in Front, I lost the zoom in animation, so how to set them correctly ? many thnx.
  2. I use Octane render 4.05 R6 + Cinema 4D R20, everything is so far so good, but the OSL texture. i try to use script preset, but it shows error: preprocessor exception caught. pls see as attached screenshot. Already followed the instruction by OTOY support team and manual, still, not working at all. Anyone knows how to fix this issue?
  3. The question is pretty simple: how to close the spline? For example the script as attached pic file: i cannot figure out , any ideas? many thnx.
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