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  1. Hello ! I have problem with my video render.. I obtain this (picture with nice brightness) But when I put those mp4 on After Effect/Premiere Pro/ Final Cut Pro or on my phone, is look like the other picture. How I can fix this please ? I use "Linear color profile", but RGB looks like same... Regards, Quartz (I'm French, and I have a bad English I know..)
  2. Hello ! I have a big problem.. My alpha texture show transparent in material but black in my viewer.. Can you help me please ? ^^ Thank you Regars, Quartz from France
  3. Hello ! I need your help.. When I want rendered my project, it's look like this (1st pic) But, I have textured items ! I use Vray and I don't understand why render look like this.. (excuse my English, I'm French)
  4. Hello, I currently have a problem with my light .. It crosses my 3D object (desk) and I don't understand why? Thank you in advance to all of you for your help. Regards, a beginner ^^
  5. Hello, Excuse my bad English, I'm French ^^ I need help ! I want export my first render but I have black borders.. How can I delete these ? Thank you Regards, Andy
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