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  1. I'm working on a scene, everything looks great-- but I'm using two area lights to achieve the lighting. I love their effects, but I do not want to see the lights themselves in my render output--- they're appearing as giant, white rectangles. I want to hide the rectangles, but keep their effects. I've tried several methods of hiding them from the render: 1. Compositing tags- I've turned off literally every variable. No effect. Hide from camera does not work-- even if this isn't the proper method, I'd like to know WHY this doesn't work? What am I missing? 2. Uncheck "Visible In Render" in the light's "basic" panel. 3. Turning off the green dot in the object manager-- this disables the light totally. Nothing fancy going on in my scene. Just an animation using standard render. A rigged model, an HDRI sky and two area lights. Secondarily, I was wondering what the "export to compositing" option does. Thanks very much in advance.
  2. I would like to add-- the fact that the weight manager seems wholly ineffective when it comes to loading pre-saved weight maps is baffling to me.
  3. I tried for weeks with X-Refs. Every single time, despite checking and re-checking both models for inconsistencies, it would cause explosive issues with the dynamics. I wanted it to work so badly, because it seemed to be a very elegant solution- and more so, from all of my study the defacto pro method. I tried and tried, but I kept running into bizarre issues. Y VAMP was able to transfer the weights 1:1. It's perfect. Zero issues. The dynamics, even jiggle deformers are perfectly accurate across the low poly and high poly versions. Additionally, I love that I can just turn the high resolution copy off in the object manager instead of dealing with an external reference. Of course, *anything* I do in terms of changes to the materials, dynamics, and maps is able to be applied and animated. X-Refs greys out those options for me. It definitely might be a solution to try in your next project. I'm really glad it worked out this way.
  4. Solved. The solution is very simple, and this is probably the easiest proxy workflow I've found for character animation. Use VAMP. Fiddle with the application options- I had to use the third option in there, and bam-- the weights transferred beautifully. Had to add a skin after manually.
  5. If anyone can solve this issue for me, I’ll PayPal you $20 for the trouble. I have a character that is rigged for animation. I have a high res and a low res version of the character. The high res body and the low res body are both bound to the same joint chain. I want to animate with the low poly and switch on the high for renders. The joint hierarchy is identical in the weight managers for both models. The lo Poly version still has the auto mapped weights. This won’t do- I want the exact same weights from the high poly model. I have exported the weights from the high poly in the weight manager. In notepad I can see the values are there in the exported file. When I load them to the low poly, everything turns pink and the skin stops working. I feel like I have tried everything and I simply cannot seem to transfer weights between these two nearly identical pieces of geometry rigged to the identical join hierarchy. Please, please, please- what am I missing? Note- I have tried using X-Refs, but despite both models being identical, whenever I enable dynamics on the tail, things go absolutely berserk.
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