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  1. Hi Guys! I am completely new to c4d, followed some tutorials and realised I have access to the lite via my Adobe subscription so now I want to make a very simple 3d donut with some frosting on top. I follow this tutorial: It is quite old and he is using the full version so I guess this can be some reason why I am unable to apply the extrude to the frosting.. In this tutorial he uses mouse right click to find extrude and it gets applied right away and by changing the offset value he creates depth to the frosting material. I don't have any extrude option when I use th right mouse click, but it is available in generator Menu point. After I select, Extrude appears on the object list, and I parent it to the frosting materials but the options of extrude are very different in this version than what he used for the video. Is there a workaround I could add the depth to the frosting? Thanks a mill!
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