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  1. Ah good call CBR! Thanks as always for the prompt replies. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/igz32p9izpxszov/Snake_C4D_Cafe_02.c4d?dl=0 Hopefully you can see the problem here - lemme know!
  2. PS: Whats more is that when I initially open the file, the head is not on the body (see attached). Pressing play causes it to snap into place - like I have to initialize the align to spline for some reason.
  3. Hey there C4D friends, Im currently making a looping snake animation - the movement is driven by 2 formula deformers and I have the head attached to the body with an align to spline tag. When I press play on the animation, the first frame pops/snaps into place which is really messing up my loop. If I press play in cinema and have it run through the whole animation, by the time it gets back to frame 0 the loop is perfect, however, the problem is when i stop the animation, put the playhead back to zero and then press play again. Ive narrowed down the issue to the formula effectors themselves as when I turn them off, the snapping goes away. The formula I have for the X motion (side to side) is: sin(((id / count) + t/6) * f * 720) The formula I have for the y motion (up and down) is: sin(((id / count) + t/3) * f *360) I just dont know how to modify them so I can retain the motion they drive while removing that initial pop. Any and all help here to remove that beginning pop would be so appreciated! Ive attached an mp4 of whats going on because I cant get my file down to 2.98MB (any help here would be appreciated too as I know sharing a file is the most helpful way to solve these problems) Thanks so much in advance! Cheers Snek05.mp4
  4. Cerbera, THANK YOU. The camera issue was driving me nuts too so not only did you solve my main problem, you solved another one that I didnt even mention. I have no clue how I even had this custom layout - it must have been an accident. Either way, I REALLY appreciate your help. This is my first post on C4D Cafe and Im really impressed with how fast this was answered. You guys rock Cheers!
  5. For sure Bezo. Ive attached it here. Ive stripped the file down a tonne and its still rendering with only lines. Any and all help would be great! SceneFile_Cafe.c4d
  6. Hi Cerbera, The problem is that I've done that and the picture viewer is showing only a wireframe/line render, not a shaded one like I see in my viewport! In previous versions of my scene files the make preview option works perfectly, but I must have pressed something or switched something and now the picture viewer is only showing me a line render. What do you think I could have done? Rippin my hair out over here!
  7. Thanks so much for replying DasFrodo. By that do you mean, render out a sequence using the hardware renderer? Thing is, I want to make a preview in the picture viewer. Would you mind elaborating on your method?
  8. Hey there C4D friends, Quick question here. In previous versions of my scene file, I was able to make a preview (alt+b) using the Software Open GL preview successfully to get an idea of the timing of my animation. It rendered out what I saw in the viewport with shading and image textures (see image attached which is just a screenshot of my viewport currently). But now, when I make a preview, Im just seeing the Lines of my geometry (see other image attached). Im able to switch between gouraud shading and lines in the viewport, but it seems like I dont have that option with make preview and Im just getting lines. Can anyone shed some light on this? Scratching my head over here. Thanks! (Running R20 on my Macbook Pro)
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