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  1. much much better! It seems that it was a combination of low poly object and this evaluate transparency thing in AO. (I left the low poly on parts of the dress on purpose to see if it makes a difference). Again, thanks a bunch! It is always the small things that make a big impact (you forget to check/uncheck one single option and end up searching for the problem for hours haha)
  2. will do that. i have an educationals license, it doesn´t say anything about what sort of c4d it is, just the version (20.059)
  3. ohhhh, THANK YOU! I checked the materials of the imported character and for some reason they all have transparency turned on. (nothing changes when i uncheck it), so it might have been that problem. also added subdvision surfaces to all the polygons of the character as i figured the black triangles could come from a low poly surface/object. should work now, I´ll run another test render
  4. okay, so I ran some more test renders and it looks like it is not the problem of physical/standard render engine but more of the ambient occlusion. i switched off AO and GI and the result is (of course) pretty unrealistic but correct (fist picture). when i turn GI back on it gets better (second picture), but still not 100% fine. I attached the AO settings in the render settings as well (those are the default settings, it always worked fine for me so far) , anybody can help? I would really like to render with AO as it gets a better result, but I need to get rid of the balck triangles.
  5. Hello everyone, I´m quite new to C4D and browsing this forum already helped me with a lot of stuff. Now I have a problem that I couldn´t find in any previous forum posts: I created a character with DAZ3D and imported it as obj file to C4D. After some try and error I was able to import it correctly, however when I import it to my existing scene and render it with the physical render (need depth of field and don´t really get the effect in standard render with DOF checked) I get this problem that everything in the scene renders fine except the imported character. The skin and also the clothes of the character get those weird black triangles, it looks as if I set the quality to super low, but actually I am rendering in 4K. I already tired to re-assign all the materials to the face/clothes etc., but the effect stays. Does anybody have a clue why this happens? I think it´s a problem of the imported obj file from DAZ3D, but this doesn´t happen when i render it with the standard render engine. Attached a picture of the render and a screenshot of my render settings. Hope anybody can help, this is for my master thesis and I have like 20 scenes like this to render (with people/characters) so I´m kinda desperate. Thanks in advance! Rebecca
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